18 October, 2007

Bulky Mitts

6mm dpn's
2 strands Paton's Classic Wool held together

Sizes: Small(8 yrs)-Medium(women's)-Large(men's)

Cast on 28 (Med 32, Lge 40).
Join in round, distributing stitches over 3 dpn's, and being careful not to twist the stitches.
Knit in K2, P2 rib for 3.5 (Med 4.5, Lge 5) inches.
Place first 4 stitches of round on a safety pin. Cast on 4 stitches, and continue in K2, P2 rib until mitt from beginning is 8in (Med 10in, Lge 11in).
Decrease row 1: K2tog, P2tog around row.
Decrease row 2: K2tog around row.
Cut yarn, leaving a 5inch tail. Thread yarn through remaining stitches to gather, then pass yarn through the stitches a second time. Weave in ends.

Slip stitches from safety pin to dpn. Pick up and knit 4 st (Med & Lge 8 st) around thumb opening. Continue thumb in K2, P2 rib until thumb is 2.5 in (Med 3 in, Lge 3.75 in) long.
Repeat decrease rows 1 & 2. Weave in ends.

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