11 November, 2007

Recent Knits

There has, indeed, been knitting! These are my daughter's slippers, from the Pocketbook Slippers pattern. They look pointy, but the pointiness disappears when they're worn. I'm going to attach some non-slip soles yet. I saw a good idea on Ravelry for slippers: the poster had encased a layer of stuffing with 2 soles, to make the soles more padded. I *have to* try this!
These are some baby socks for the Afghans for Afghans Baby Challenge. The deadline is 3rd Dec., 2007. Please click on the link in the sidebar, to find out about items needed, and fibre requirements. They also have a list of good patterns for charity knitting. :) The pattern I used is from www.knittinghelp.com
North Country Baby Socks, made with Paton's Classic Wool.
These are the fingerless mitts I made for my oh-so-scary Pirate costume. What a fearsome bunch we be! Arrr!


Jules said...

WOW! Those are all great!! Nice job!

Jules said...

Thanks for the blog postings & email to check on us.;) We appreciate it. It's been rough, but I think we may be ready for Christmas. Take it easy & enjoy your holiday!:)