31 December, 2008

Another Year, Already!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope that the coming year finds you healthy, happy and employed!

I've got a headstart on 2009's socks for Akkol, with these socks.
They're knit from Judy Gibson's pattern, "You're Putting Me On Socks", which are knit toe-up. For the cast-on, I used Planet Shoup's "Rectangular Toe for Toe-Up Socks". I knit these socks with "Georga 100% Wool", and 3.25mm DPNs. They're a slightly variegated brown, which I hope will appeal to a teenage boy.

I've recently found the group Caring for Canadians, so I've been knitting preemie hats and booties for St. Joseph's Hospital's NICU, in London, Ontario, Canada.
The hat pattern is from Carissa Knits. It's knit with 4mm DPNs, and Cottontots pastel purple.

The booties are from Bundle of Love's "Easy Knitted Booties". They're knit with 4mm needles and Cottontots in pastel purple. Ironically, until 2005, I worked at this very St. Jo's, and didn't know that the NICU was in need of handknits. :) Ah, well. There's no time like the present!


Jules said...

Wow so tiny!

Jules said...

And yes, I added my background for my blog from that site listed in the small box on there.;) Feel free to go get your own,they have instructions as well.